"2014 Yu Zhenli Birthday Notes + 8 Projects"Postscript
2015年12月21日 14:12:47    作者:Yu Zhenli   来源:Artintern

My note “36 Hours of Travel from Songzhuang to Dalian” was about two days at the beginning of February 2015, which I spent with Zhu Xikun, Qu Zhenwei, Xu Xiaolou, and other artists rushing through the Shanghai Biennale, before going directly to Fang Lijun’s old studio in Songzhuang because Wu Hong’s website artintern.net had been established there. Wu Hong had invited me for a visit with the clear intention of showing me that the studio could host exhibitions. Even after I finished my solo exhibition at Today Art Museum in 2013, I continued to make my notes in order to balance mind and body, read and reflect, refocus my interests, and engage with architecture. In particular, I turned my attention to organizing 8+1 and the Photography Art Space. If I had made any work to be exhibited, it would only have been those notes from 2014.

“Birthday Notes” is the title of a piece that continues my post-‘89 (early 1990s) abstract painting “Dot Line Figure.” Since I established my studio on December 26, 1994, I have expanded “Birthday Notes” from one notebook into twenty. Nearly twenty years of visual interests have been transformed from art into anti-culture, which Li Xianting called “self-deportation” and Liu Xiaochun called “the end of the performance piece ‘18 Years of Self-Imprisonment.’” Thus, my notes through the year 2014 became a work I wanted to exhibit.

This year, Wu Hong was the academic adviser for “Portraying Movement,” the second photography exhibition. During the dinner, I sought advice on showing my notes in an exhibition, and Wu Hong quickly provided ideas and suggestions for how to present the works. By late March, I had delivered my notes to calligrapher Wang Daqing, who spent three months laboriously typing the handwritten pages and correcting mistakes. The text was edited by Xu Xiaolou during the heat of the summer. In mid-September, I once again went to Songzhuang to ask Wu Hong to serve as curator for the exhibition of “Notes” (December 26) and as editor for the publication. He provided many suggestions about printing the book and holding the exhibition, and he had obviously thought a lot about the project. After returning, I studied, examined, and summarized the notes that I gave to Ma Shang and Dong Huan for more than a month during the editorial and layout process. This draft of the book was then submitted to Wu Hong. It was a gift to be able to publish it during the “Projects” exhibition. I must thank my true friends for their immense assistance. In particular, I have admired Qu Zhenwei, the director of the 8+1 Art Salon, as a communicator, coordinator, and writer for more than ten years, and he has played all of these roles for this project.

In addition to my thanks, I must also highlight the fresh insight and advice of the eight Dalian artists participating in the “Projects” part of the exhibition: Art Education Group (Zhang Bin + Ye Hongtu), Xu Changjian, Yong Sheng, Chang Ji, Na Xinyu, Sun Wei, Ling Chen, and Ma Shang. I must also thank Qu Bo, Yu Jianjun, and Ma Shang for making the documentary for me in 2014 and Wang Lianyi, Sun Wei, Er Wang, and my friends and relatives for their help over the years. Finally, I must also thank Gao Peng, the director of Today Art Museum, for his efforts with regard to the publication. This collection of my notes is dedicated to my bedridden sister, who I hope will get well soon.

November 7, 2015

No. 35 Xiangshuiguan Creek, Dahei Mountain, Jinzhou, Dalian



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